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With the number of vehicles on the market today, it is
impossible to give a generic price for most repairs.
The time it takes to conduct a repair on one vehicle is
usually very different on another.
Below is a list of general pricing for common repairs.
HST is not included.

Lube, Oil and Filter (5w20,5w30 or 10w30) from $39.95
Lube, Oil and Filter (15w40 Diesel) from $89.95
Lube, Oil and Filter (Semi Synthetic) from $59.95
Lube, Oil and Filter (Full Synthetic) from $89.95
Engine Flush add $9.95 to oil change
Transmission Service with Filter from $149.00
Transmission Service w/o Filter from $80.00
Fuel System Flush and Engine Decarbon from $95.00
Brake Fluid flush from $49.95
Power Steering Fluid Flush from $49.95
Charging System Inspection from $9.95
Electronic Engine Diagnostic from $39.95
Electrial Diagnostic from $78.00
Emission Diagnostics from $79.95

Please note: the above price list may vary depending
on the vehicle make and model and is given as a
starting point.

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